Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Boy Room Makeover

Last year around this time we began the transition to a "big boy room", but there was a lot more I wanted to do other than new bed and bedding. I had a vision and I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest. We never really had the time or money to do them, so I just kind of filed them away on my phone and planner.   Last Friday, I was sitting at my desk and for some reason I started thinking about it and after a few texts about my "vision", Michael agreed we needed to make his room a little more fun and grown up.  I LOVED and I do mean LOVED my sweet brown nursery, but it was time to make it more and loud! :-)
The 1st picture I took of his room all ready for my little guy in 2010...
 then the last picture I took right before we started taking it apart Saturday morning...
And then it began...the quest for paint! Those of you who've been followers since our fire remember how I agonized over paint colors then, well, this wasn't much easier. Needless to say, this is another the where I desperately miss my Nana's abilities to decorate (she was an interior designer)! I need someone to tell me what colors I'm using and then I just go buy it. I went to Home Depot, showed the girl a few pictures of my vision and we ended up Bliss Blue.   I'm loving how it turned out!!! Nicholas spent the
day yesterday with his Gigi and Pawpaw and we spent the day literally speed painting. Michael and I actually had fun, but I'm glad we are done and Nicholas LOVES it!  Without further is the final product...
His quilt and canvas look so good in there too!  I seriously think this is my favorite room in the house now!
His dressers and artwork on the wall.
I bought this car beanbag for him when he was 6 weeks old.  It is perfect in his big boy room! (this is also the best picture showing the true color)
The only thing left to do is to hang these ceramic road signs.  I'm still debating on where I want them to go, so they are just waiting. (yes, he has his own Precious Moment race car collection)
Unfortunately, this project was not without a crisis.  We were almost done with the 1st coat when I pulled the tarp and spilled almost a half gallon of paint ON THE CARPET!!!  It actually looks a little better now.  I got most of it up and I've still got a couple of tricks to try before the professionals come clean the carpet in a couple of weeks.  I literally wanted to throw up when I did that.  
8 hours, paint on the carpet, and a lot of work later my big boy loves it and that is all that matters!