Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My 2013 Erin Condren Life Planner Review

Those that know me well and especially those I work with, know that I am incredibly type A. I plan and plan far in advance (oh, you know, like planning a Disney trip down to the meals 8 months in advance! more on that next week). Nothing makes me crazier than last minute plans. Last year I discovered the Erin Condren Life Planner and it was love at first sight. I carried it for 16 months and loved it. As it got closer to the new year I began trying to find a little bit cheaper alternative, but I couldn't find one I loved as much. So, I decided to go ahead and get over being cheap and order another one. Ha!

I went with the Mod Morocco pattern, but I wanted something fun and girly (since everything about my life is boyish these days!) so I customized it to my favorite color purple with pink accents.
 I ordered it the week before Christmas and it was expected to ship on January 2. However, January 2 came and went without a shipment email...as did January 3. On January 5 I received an email that it shipped late Friday night. It was finally delivered the next Friday afternoon and I finally felt organized again. Haha!
So, why do I love these planners so much? The biggest reason is I love that everyday is broken down into 3 sections, morning, afternoon, and evening, giving me plenty of room to write what I need to. I am not a fan of small planners that do not give a lot of room for each day. A small box doesn't get it for me. I use it to plan our meals, household chores, and shopping lists. I need my room!
There were some improvements from my 2011-2012 planner. I am very excited about the laminated tabs. Last year my tabs were frayed and bent by the time 2012 rolled around (I started using it in August).

I am also really liking the optional addition of a pen holder. I'm a mega dork and I LOVE and I do mean LOVE pens. I only use Pilot G2-7 or Sharpie pens and this is much better than putting them on the spiral of the planner!

They also upgraded to a metal spiral bound this year rather than the plastic spiral. I like it better so far.

Overall, I am beyond happy with my planner. I feel the company itself needs to improve on customer service and their estimated ship dates. I understand there being a delay due to the holidays, but that should have been reflected in the original quoted ship date. I do plan to order from the company again, but I will order with less expectations in regards to the ship date. I have been lusting over their address books for a year and after having to round up addresses...again this year for Christmas cards, I will be purchasing one soon. I also think I need some notepads to use in conjunction with my planner. ;-)

***This post was uncompensated and 100% my opinion of the product and the company.