Sunday, November 25, 2012

Elfie The Elf Is Here!

About 3 weeks ago I ran across the Elf On The Shelf movie at Target and certain toddler has been OBSESSED! He watches the movie once a day, we've read the book about 50 times, and I've even had to get him more "elf books". This kid LOVES elves!

Well, I knew he would be here soon, but I wasn't sure when he would come, but Elfie the Elf is here!!! He came to our house for the 1st time this season yesterday morning. He surprised our family with cinnamon rolls, an elf plate, and a note reminding Nicholas the "rules" of being good and not touching him.

This morning I heard "ELF! ELF!" over the monitor several times. Last night he came back and he brought a night light and Elf On The Shelf pjs for Nicholas! He was actually riding on one of the cars on his lamp when I went in to get Nicholas. That Elfie sure is a funny little elf!

Now, is the Elf working his magic at our house to keep the toddler behaving? Well, one could say possibly. Twice last week I had to pull the "your elf is watching" card. It worked both times. Not sure if it will work all the time, but it's a good start.

Yes, we do Santa, yes, our elf brings gifts, but we make a point to teach Nicholas the true meaning of Christmas.  Nicholas knows that Christmas is all about being Jesus' birthday and not about Santa and elves, this is just a fun bonus.  Does the Elf come to your house?  Do you have any awesome toddler Elf On The Shelf ideas you would like to share?