Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deck The Halls With Glitter, Blue Hued Lights and TVs

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year!!! Since I didn't go to the mall of Friday like usual, I was able to get my house decorated a little earlier than normal. I had Michael and his dad get everything out of the attic on Thursday, so I would be able to get started ASAP on Friday. I slept until almost 9:00 and then Nicholas and I got started decorating the tree in the playroom. I am planning a post later in the season with details and special ornaments from each tree, but for now here is a sneak peek of each tree.

The main tree in the living room is the one I call "the big tree". It is my pride and joy of the Christmas holiday.  It is full of red, green, gold, and brown glitter ornaments, Barbies, Scarlet O'Hara, and Hallmark ornaments.  It wasn't quite finished yet when I took this and I still need to have a bow made and straighten up the topper, but you get the idea.
Nicholas has LOVED going and looking at all of Momma's glitter ornaments.  I took this one last night and I think it is a really cool picture.

Nicholas has a fun tree in his playroom he gets to enjoy while he plays. He helped decorate it and that makes me happy. :/). He also screams "CHRISTMAS TREE!" Every time he sees a tree. My mama heart is just too happy this year!!! Haha!

I started putting one in our room about 3 years ago. I just love the peaceful lights while I'm watching TV and getting ready for bed.

Today was the fun part. Michael hung lights all around our house. I bought these lights 3 years ago on clearance when I was pregnant. Michael wanted LED lights and to me white lights are white lights. Well apparently not in LED. There are warm white and cool white. PSA...if you what them to look like regular lights and be WHITE, get warm. I got cool not knowing there was even a difference and we have lights with a blue hue. I can't use my lights on my garland so I just gave into the spirit and put colored lights around my door...totally against my taste, but it is for the toddler who loves lights, so I guess I'll do whatever. :-)  My husband on a ladder and literally hanging on the roof was not this trauma nurse's idea of a good time, but it sure does look good, even if it is blue.  :-)  So without further delay, here is our blue light winter wonderland.   (we do have a string out above the garage and front door. Replacing those next weekend)

 I would show you a picture of my mantle which I am in love with how I decorated it this year, but our old TV bit the dust last week and the new one is currently sitting on the mantle and the decorations had to be removed until the bracket can be picked up from the shop the old one officially died at.  :-)  Good news is that we now have an awesome TV with 3D!  Last night Michael and I watched the Jim Carrey Christmas Carol in 3D.  Now, that was awesome!  Nothing like flying through 1840s London with a ghost!  Haha!

I am so excited over Christmas this year and all the fun activities we have planned.   We are going to have a very fun, memorable Christmas and I can't wait to blog it all and show you what we have planned!  The 1st activity will be going to see Santa...we will see how that goes next weekend!