Thursday, November 1, 2012

21 Days of Thankfulness

Sometimes it seems I only blog negative things and I swear I am not a negative person! It bothers me that between my blog, FB, and twitter I can come across that way, so I am going to ATTEMPT to do a 21 day series of what I'm thankful for. As we know, I am not a good blogger, but I'm hoping I can keep it up. We shall see. :-)

Today I am most thankful for my sweet little miracle. God blessed us in more ways than I had ever imagined when he gave us this little bundle of love. He is the sunshine of my life and even on the hardest days, he always can make me smile. God had a plan for me when I started trying to get pregnant (more on that later in the series), but I never in a million years dreamed that I would be given a child like Nicholas.

Nicholas literally lights up every room he enters. Everyone that knows him comments on how much personality and love of life he has. He has taught me so much patience, made me become a laid back person (well, much more than I was, I still have major type A issues! Ha!), and taught me what really matters in life. He is very caring and sensitive to those around him and that makes my Mommy heart very thankful. I am hoping I can raise a sensitive, caring young man.

I literally thank God multiple times a day for the honor of being this amazing child's mother. Especially when we get close to the holidays and I remember those long, hard days where it seemed everyone around me had families and we couldn't have a baby, I make a point to spend a few extra minutes a day just holding and loving on my sweet boy and thanking God for him.