Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time For A Brain Dump

I haven't blogged much lately because our life is crazy right now, but here are the my thoughts today...

1. It was an exciting mail day!  My new Bridier Baubles Britta Beads arrived!!!  They were on sale Friday, so duh, of course I bought some.  They were out of the colors I really wanted by the time I got online at lunch, so I got purple.  What can I wear them with other than purple, black, orange and grey? Help!

2. Tuesday night I ran out to Old Navy to get a pair of jeans to wear to work on Friday for team spirit day (we only get to wear jeans a couple times a's a big deal! Ha!) and I found the CUTEST peacoat ever!  I was so excited, then I came home and found a huge sharpie mark across the front.  Yes, I may have had a meltdown over the fact that I have no spare time this week and that was the only one in my size.  So, my husband got some major bonus points this week and ran out on his lunch break to the store by his office and exchanged it!  I love him! :-)  Now, I'm ready for cold weather!

3. I'm really enjoying Fall TV this year.  I've gotten into Revenge, Nashville, Scandal, and my old favorites are still there: The Middle and Modern Family.  What are you watching?

4. Another round of praise for a certain 31 awesome teenagers!  My dad's team is ranked 5th out of 9 local teams by an online newspaper this week!  We are just so proud of them it's hard to not brag on them constantly!   They are off this week then a win next week against one of their biggest rivals secures them the #2 spot in their district and a playoff game!  We are getting excited for the playoffs!  I'm also so proud of the fact that when giving interviews with the paper they always give all the glory to God and teamwork.  They get what is really important and I'm proud of that!

5. Nicholas is getting bigger and more grown up acting by the day.  I'm so sad that my baby is already almost two and a half.  How did that happen?!  Last night my parents kept him while I worked the consignment sale drop off and he asked to go potty and actually peed in the big potty!!!  We are so excited!  He goes all day at school in the potty, but has no interest at all at home...until then!  Yay!

6. I'm such a huge dork, but I'm getting so excited for Halloween!  I can't wait for Nicholas to wear his costumes (yes, he has 2. 1 for school and 1 for Halloween night. You'll understand why later!)  He and his friend Tate are going to be so cute trick or treating this year!

7. It's been a ridiculously busy week for us and this weekend isn't going to be any better.  I'm hoping MAYBE we can squeeze a nap in there somewhere.  Missing two naps last weekend was HARD!