Friday, October 19, 2012

Argh Matey! My Little Pirate's Fall Festival!

My little pirate had his school Fall festival tonight and he was super excited!  He had a rough afternoon and came home with a black eye after a nasty fall, so we almost didn't go back, but I'm glad we did because he sure did have fun!  His pirate costume is his pre-Halloween costume.  His actual costume has a prop that can't travel...but you will see that soon enough! :-)
He loved going to all the different booths and playing the games.  He has become such a big boy!!!
  I took both of these with my phone, so excuse the quality, but they are just cute pictures.  He went fishing for gold fish and got a pack of gold fish to take home.
 His favorite booth was the dig for treasure booth.  He dug for loot for about 10 minutes!
When we got home I actually got my picture made with my little man!  I'm usually behind the camera and never in the pictures, so I wanted a couple of us together.  He was in a cuddly mood, so they turned out pretty good.
 We have a very busy weekend ahead.  There will be lots of pictures coming your way this weekend!