Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend of Football

We all know it is NOT a secret that I LOVE football, but this weekend may have just straight up been the best weekend I've had in a long time!  Friday night we took Nicholas to his first football game!

 Overall, he was good.  He and I spent the entire 1st half running around, but the 2nd half I turned on the Disney Jr app and he watched Mickey's Road Rally, read with Gigi, and sat still until it became time to make some noise when the game was coming down to the wire.  I think the last minute touchdown and Pawpaw coming out of the press box got him wound up again! Ha!  It was an awesome game and I am so proud of my dad's team!  They are now 4-1 and they beat a team that was undefeated and much bigger than they are!  I'm glad Nicholas had a fun time, but I am pretty sure I am getting a babysitter next time! Ha!

Saturday I marked off one big item off my bucket list and got to see Lee Corso and the rest of the ESPN Gameday guys in person in Knoxville!  We left home at 7:30 and drove the 2 hour drive to Knoxville.  Here I am in my orange and white, with my pumpkin spice! :-)

 We were able to see quite a bit more than we thought we would.  The way it was set up you could see the stage and the guys, plus there were two large screens set up.  My favorite spot was by the ESPN Gameday bus.  I got a good shot of Chris Fowler doing an segment, Tom Rinaldi spoke to his ORANGE PANTS, and I got a great look at my boyfriend, David Pollack all while !  I've been a big fan of his since his days at UGA!  He is someone I want Nicholas to aspire to be like.  A great athlete, but one who kept his priorities right and loves God and his family.
Chris Fowler filming a segment.
 My favorite...Lee Corso on the big screen! Everytime they showed him he got a huge cheer from the crowd.  Everyone loves Lee!
 Yes, Michael had on his Beat Florida shirt! Ha!  It has been unlucky twice now, so I say we burn it!
 The mothership...also known as Neyland Stadium.
We kept hearing people say that they had seen Kenny Chesney.  I told Michael then that I bet he was the guest picker.  I was pretty excited to be right about that!  I stole this picture from ESPN, but the crowd went CRAZY when the picks were made and Coach Corso chose The Vols!  Too bad his pick was wrong...
 For lunch we went to The Tin Roof and met Michael's dad and step sister, Lora.  It was fun to see them for the afternoon!
I also go to see one of my best friends from high school.  Robin went to UT and sent me a message to meet her and I am so glad I did.  We haven't seen each other in probably close to 10 years and I dug this OLD picture out and I can't help but laugh!  Here we were about 2 weeks before graduation in 1999...
 And here we were yesterday.  Honestly, I think we look much better now!  31 looks good on us! :-)
 We left Knoxville around 5:00 and came back to get Nicholas.  We didn't stay for the game, but had just as much fun!  It was good to get back to Knoxville for a game and see some old friends!  Today I've spent the day getting groceries, meal prep for the week, and I had to run out to get Nicholas some jeans.  Our weather is going to significantly cool off this week!  I found these socks at Children's Place!  How cute are they?!  Yes, I got 2 pairs!
I just have to add this funny.  Yesterday we were big dorks and took pictures of the blimp over the stadium and Michael made a comment that it isn't everyday you see a blimp.  Wellllllll, look what was over our neighbor's house this afternoon! Hahahaha!