Sunday, August 5, 2012

2 Year Well Visit

Friday we finally made it in for Nicholas' 2 year old well check at the pediatrician's office.  My mom went with me for backup because sometimes we have to wait awhile at our peds office and it's always nice to have backup during the long wait. :-)  We had a great visit and Nicholas was very good!  We only had to wait about 30 minutes and he was happy to watch Mickey on my phone while we waited.  

Now that he is 2, we weighed on the big boy scale and had our blood pressure checked!  Haha!
Nicholas is still on track to be very tall and skinny, just like his Daddy!  He is off the charts for height at 37 inches! She said that is closer to being on the 3 year old chart! Haha!  He is also 31 pounds and that is only in the 75th percentile.  His head is 19 1/2 inches which is perfect!  I knew his smart little brain was just right! :-) She said he is very healthy and definitely not too heavy for his age.  He is just a healthy, growing boy! :-)  We didn't get a shot and we don't have more until he is FOUR!  YAY!!!!  He did have his finger pricked for an anemia/lead screening.  He passed all of that without any problems and is perfect in every way!  We are beyond thankful and blessed for our healthy boy.  We prayed for him to be healthy for so long and the Lord definitely answered our prayers in so many ways!