Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Year Old Photo Shoot

Back in the Spring I won a drawing for a couple of free prints from a local photographer at a consignment sale, so we gave her a try at Easter for baby chicken pictures.  We LOVED her work and how well she worked with Nicholas.  He is HARD to get just the right shot of because he is so busy, but she tries so hard and definitely earns her money working with Nicholas! Ha!  Anyway, we went to visit her at her studio last Saturday and I picked up my order plus a disc of all of his pictures this afternoon and I AM IN LOVE!  They are even better in person than they were on the online proofing page!  Here are my favorites:

 My mom got this one for her house in a large canvas and it is gorgeous!  I'm wishing I had done the same!  
I got this one in an 11x14 and it is precious!  I'm trying to decide where to hang it now???

 These next two are HILARIOUS and totally capture his fun personality!  I've framed them in red frames for his bedroom.