Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Morning In A Small Southern Town

For those of you who may not know, we live in a small town just south of Chattanooga, TN, in Northwest Georgia.  We almost put our house up for sale to move back to Chattanooga a few weeks ago, but we decided to stay.  We decided that we love our little town because it has that small town feel and only has around 3,000 people.  Chattanooga has had a large farmer's market every Sunday for about 5 years and I'm so excited that some of those vendors have come to Ringgold (including a friend of mine that was selling adorable handmade pillows that I totally want for my patio!).  It just started about 6 weeks ago and I haven't had time to go until today, so we got dressed and went downtown (about 2 miles from my house) to the market!   It is set up right in front of our courthouse and it was so fun to just walk around and get our produce for the week.   
At first a little toddler I know wasn't too thrilled to be there.  He wanted to be at home watching Disney Jr, but I was determined we were not going to spend all day in front of the TV!After we started walking, Nicholas loved it!  I couldn't even get him to go home.  I tried to go back to the car twice and each time he screamed "NO MAMA!", so we just walked around downtown and went into a few little shops and the coffee shop.  I'm definitely going back next week.  It was a good way to keep N from sitting in front of Saturday cartoons and vegging all morning, plus an affordable way to get fresh, local produce.

I ended up spending $11 on squash, zucchini, salsa, and blueberries (which I couldn't get a picture of because a certain toddler had already taken the bowl of them to eat!).  Definitely worth spending an hour of our time together this morning just the two of us!