Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playroom Makeover

In the past few months since Christmas I have been overwhelmed and beyond frustrated with the amount of toys and clutter in our playroom.  There were several "baby" toys and things that he NEVER played with anymore and I knew it was time to purge.  Knowing that we have 60 people coming to little man's birthday in two weeks, I knew I better do something about the room I call our own personal Toys 'R Us!  There is no way I would let anyone see it in the shape it was in. Ha!

This was the "before", but not really.  This is the picked up, slightly organized before, not the can't even open the door without heart failure before (just imagine everything thrown all over everywhere, including my Cricut stuff)...
And the much improved after...
It took my mom and I about 3 hours during naptime to move everything and organize it all.  Michael put the new bookshelves together while we were out finishing buying party supplies.  I am LOVING the blue and red drawers and I think I'm going to be going back to Target for some more blue to go with the green on the other side rather than the ivory drawers.  My next project is to make labels with pictures to help him know what is in each drawer. 
 As soon as he woke up he immediately went into the playroom and started looking around and pulled out his cars, pirate ship, and a few blocks!
Of course, I'm sure it won't stay neatly organized all the time, but I love that I at least have an option now versus before when it was just pushed against the wall.