Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Little Fish

My child has become quite the little fish! I can't even believe how fearless he is and how well he swims with his puddle jumper on. This afternoon we spent a couple hours at the pool to show Daddy some of N's new skills!

I made a little video on my iPhone to show the Grandparents his skills...
When we got home, he STILL wasn't done!  He spent another hour playing with his pirate ship water table.  This kid seriously loves some water!
He skipped his nap today because he would rather be outside and after laying down for almost an hour, he got up and came back out.  He ate an early dinner of fish sticks, corn on the cob, and veggies.  He also seems to really love corn on the cob!
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  We sure did!  I am a little sad because tomorrow our little man starts his transition to the TWO YEAR OLD room at school.  This room will be a change for him because they start potty training and drinking from milk cartons!  I'll update you this week how the first days are going.