Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Time Has Come, Going Private

It has been almost four years since I first started blogging over on my mac blog and I've found a lot of support during the lowest point in my life through blogging.  I was able to meet most of my blog/Twitter friends last year and I've met several others since.  During the past fifteen months since I became a mom, I've started to feel vulnerable on my blog.  I started to feel like maybe it was time to not be such an open book, especially when I have between 800-1200 hits a day, even when I don't have a new post (I'm sure that doesn't sound like much to a lot of you, but to us it is).  Truthfully, that scares us a little thinking about who could be reading about our family and seeing pictures of Nicholas.  Sometime in life you have to realize what is most important.  It isn't having a popular blog, the most friends on Facebook or Twitter, but protecting your family.  

Michael and I have debated taking the blog private for a long time and the time has come.  There hasn't been anything specific or anything that has happened to lead to this decision, it is just something we feel we should do. Please understand if I have unfollowed you on Twitter, Facebook, and now taking the blog private.  It has not been a personal thing against anyone, but I've said all along that I only accept people I've met IRL on FB and the time has come to put that policy into effect on Twitter and on here.  I never set out to be a "big blog".  It was simply just an outlet for me to journal and vent about our journey to have a baby.  I'm hoping one day I might can go public again, but now isn't the time. 

Thank you all for joining us on the journey to becoming a family, for reading about our boring lives, and for understand why I am doing this.  As of this Sunday, Life With The Ledfords will become private, let me know if you want to keep reading by commenting on this post with your email.