Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

In some ways, September 11, 2001 seems like it was just the other day, in others it seems like it was a lifetime ago.  On that day, we all lost a piece of security and innocence that we cannot ever get back.  It was a day we remember every year and on this anniversary, I'm not going to do a "where were you" post, I did that last year.  This year I want to focus on remembering how we felt, how it must have felt for those directly involved, and being thankful for those that have given everything to defend our great country.  I have spent the morning and most of the afternoon today watching the coverage and it is still as heartbreaking and chilling as it was that day.  When they show the pictures of the firefighters climbing the stairwell and looking straight into the camera, you can feel the fear they felt, but yet continued the climb to help others.  Today as you remember how YOU felt, try to instead remember how they must have felt.  Try to remember the pride we all had in our country, the week where no one was a Republican or a Democrat, but instead we were just Americans.  It is sad that it took such a tragedy for our country to be united and that it couldn't last longer than a couple of weeks.   Take the rest of today to remember what sacrifices have been made to allow us to have the freedoms we have and to live in such an amazing country.