Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time To Get Organized

As I'm sure you've seen on other blogs, the big talk around Twitter the past month or so has been Erin Condren Life Planners.  I use the calendar on my Droid, but I need something I can look at if I am on the phone and something that to me, is a little easier to use.  That might sound dumb, but I am totally a pen and paper kind of girl.  I love making lists, planning, and I am totally a type A personality.  I couldn't pass up the Plum District offer, especially since I had some additional discounts I could apply towards my planner.  It came in the mail today and I am in love!  I am so excited to sit down after Nicholas goes to bed and start writing in all of the dates in his busy social life.  This kid is almost booked through Christmas!
Yes, I did buy a pack of my favorite pens (other than my one true love, Sharpie pens, I've been told they bled through).  I have written in almost every one of these already! Ha!

The other big thing has been to make a Home Organization Notebook.  Mine isn't as fancy as others I have seen, but it works great for us.
 I have a section on important information, emergency numbers, and health information.  In the next section I have check lists and daily planners for my weekends.  Obviously, I need to clean it out since this is an old checklist! Ha!
 My next section is recipes: favorite, ones I want to try, and grocery lists.
 I also have a section to keep up with Nicholas' shots, dr visits, and day care information.  I also have a section devoted to Christmas Lists and Budget information and Birthday party ideas!
The last section is our weekly budget worksheets.  My notebook is different from a lot that I have seen, but these are the main things I need to have to keep up with.  I don't need daily checklists so to speak since I'm at work and I have a pretty consistent routine, but I do need weekend checklists.  There are several other, better organizers out there, but this is just a glimpse at mine.

And because no post is ever complete without my favorite one year old...