Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last Day at the Beach :-(

The last day we were in Destin was my favorite.  It was just a good, fun, relaxing day.  Again, we spent the entire day at the pool and just let Nicholas run wild (which is actually his only speed!).  

 I love this one of my wild little water baby!  He just ran around and squealed all week! Ha!
 Nicholas with his Grandpa and Gigi.  My dad spent a lot of his time at the beach, but joined us most of the day Wedesday at the pool.
 Because someone, not mention any names, thinks it is hilarious to go underwater, Michael ran out and bough him some swimmies.  He loved his new water muscles, but didn't like that he couldn't go underwater. Ha!

 We also had a lazy river that Nicholas enjoyed.  He and I went through it several times with him sitting in my lap, but here he is with Daddy.
 He didn't fall asleep at the pool Wednesday, so we took him in around 11:30, changed and fed him and he took a 3 hr nap in his PNP while Mommy and Gigi went back to the pool!  Thanks Grandpa and Daddy for the break!  I spent my afternoon with The Help, Bud Light Lime, and the sun!  PERFECT!
 My mom enjoyed her quiet time on the Lazy River and with her book
 My dad wanted to take Nicholas to Joe's Crab Shack, so that is where we spent our last night.  Of course, Nicholas wore his crab shortall, but I didn't get any pictures because he wouldn't stand long enough in one spot! Ha!
 He ate fish sticks, french fries, and in, he almost cleaned his plate! Ha!
 He feeds himself, so I have no clue why Michael was feeding him, but it was so cute because N was laughing so hard.

 He played on the playground while Gigi and I paid.  All was well until he fell and got sand ALL OVER HIM.
We came home early Thursday morning and it was good to be back home.  Spencer seemed to miss us and I know we missed him.  Nicholas did great riding, but I think that is in part because we got him a DVD player for the car (even though I know it is not a good thing to do).  He watched Mickey's Clubhouse and Veggie Tails until I seriously don't think I can see it again! Ha!

We had a wonderful, relaxing vacation.  It was the first trip we have taken in three years and it was very much needed.  What a crazy three years it has been! :-)  We can't wait to go back again next year!  I think we are even going to book the same condo! (which BTW, there will be a review of on my review blog soon.  I have quite a few things to put on there.)  One last post coming tonight of our beach pictures then I will quit talking about our trip.  :-)