Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Today was Michael's first "real" Father's Day.  Just like Mother's Day, we did gifts last year, but this year we celebrated our best gift ever, Nicholas!  He arrived just 11 days after Father's Day last year and I was on modified bed rest at this point last year (hello swollen body and high blood pressure!)...
What a difference a year makes!  Here we are this year!
When we were going through infertility and our miscarriages Michael was my rock.  He had faith it would happen, just to be patient.  He kept me going on so many bad days, although looking back, there were times the fact he just KNEW it was going to happen drove me crazy!  I wanted to kill him at times because I was so down and he was so positive! Haha!  I always laugh when I told him my water broke and he asked if I was, yeah, pretty sure!  I also think my very, very most favorite moment of our nine years together was the moment I saw him fall in love with our baby.  I am so thankful that I was able to be awake (I almost had to have general anesthesia) and see that moment!
Nicholas loves his Daddy so much!  It always makes me smile.  When he comes home from school the first thing he does is go to his Daddy.  He can't wait to spend time with him and Michael is the same way.  Michael has been so supportive to me in my struggle to be a good working mom.  It is the hardest thing I've had to do to juggle home and work and I know I couldn't have done it without him!  I am so thankful for all of his help.
For months Michael has been wanting a backpack carrier to take on hikes or wherever we want to take Nicholas.  However, he didn't want to spend a lot of money on one in case Nicholas hated being in it (a good possibility!).  Thursday while i was dropping off my JBF stuff, I noticed this for an unbelievably good price.  Yesterday once I found a few things that were on my priority list, I ran back over to where this was and it was still there.  I was so excited!  They both seem to love it!
We had a busy Father's Day starting with lunch with Michael's family at his Grandad's house.  Nicholas had his first taste of banana pudding!  He loved it!!!
He spent some time with his Grandad, Papaw (Michael's Grandad decided he wants to be Papaw now!), and Daddy.

Around 4:30 we left and headed back to Chattanooga for dinner with my parents.  My mom cooked roast, green beans (from my dad's garden), mashed potatoes, carrots, and fried okra.  YUM!  I think I am still full!  Nicholas again enjoyed some tasty banana pudding! Ha!  He made sure Grandpa read his card that he made for him!
He was very, very tired and didn't get a nap, so he was very cuddly and tired after his bath.
When we got home he had a little bit of a second wind, but not for long.  I found him on our computer bookshelf like this about 1 minute before I put him in bed!  It was a VERY long day for my sweet boy!