Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabulous Finds At JBF!

I meant to have this post ready to go on Saturday, but it just didn't workout.  I had too much to do, but without further delay, let me just tell you that my LOVE for JBF continues to grow!  For about four months I've been in the market for a Little Tikes Castle Slide, but I didn't want to pay full price for one at TRU ($79.99) for something that he may or may not even like.  I decided to try Craigslist, but just couldn't find one that looked new or it was too far away.  I had given up and decided that I would just pay full price for one if I didn't see one at JBF I liked.  Thursday night at drop off I found one I was slightly interested in, but wasn't 100% sold on it.  After coming home and thinking it over for a two days I decided if it was still there when I shopped at 11:00, it would be meant to be.  Well, it was still there and after I pulled it out of line and looked it over, it looked brand new!  I was sold!  So, I managed to find Nicholas' birthday present for 50% of retail at $40.00!!!  I am so excited to give it to him!  Here it is in the driveway.
If you saw my Father's Day post, you also saw the other awesome deal I got!  That backpack retails on the manufacturer's website for $185, guess what I paid...$15.00!!!!  It looks great and like it has been very gently used!  SCORE!
I redid Nicholas' bathroom last weekend to a funky monkey pattern that I found at Target last year when I registered, but just haven't put it all together yet.  I still needed the towels, vanity accessories, and another rug.  I had already walked through the room with bedding, but didn't look too seriously since we didn't need any.  However, when my mom got there I went through again with her and she got super excited that she found a bag with all of this in it...his entire set!  It is about $125 new and I paid $30 for everything!  Two rugs (I forgot to put them in the picture, I have one in the bathroom with his other one I already had and one in his room), shower curtain, bath towel, 2 hand towels, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and 2 hooded towels!  SCORE again!!!
Since this was the All-Seasons sale, I went ahead and bought a lot of holiday sleepers, outfits, and pjs, along with a couple of just warm, winter clothes.  
I also found quite a few cute school clothes for this summer since he has already outgrown half of what we bought him in March!
All of those clothes were just a little over $100!!!  It is seriously the way to shop if you are a Mom on a budget, which I am.  I am going back Saturday morning to the half-off sale!  There were a few things that if they are still available, I will get then.  Be sure to check out the sale this week at Camp Jordan and don't forget it is half off day on Saturday!