Friday, June 10, 2011

Best Friends and A Day By The River

We had a really fun weekend last weekend and we did a couple of things I don't want to forget. 

Saturday was the day of birthday parties.  First, we had Nicholas' 11 month cake (see previous post) and then Saturday day night we went to my best friend of 22 years 30th birthday party!  It was a surprise party at a nice restaurant downtown planned by her husband, Eric.   He did a fabulous job pulling it off! She was totally surprised!
I had an amazing Braised Veal dish that was very tasty and for dessert Eric had the waitress bring out cupcakes from Chattanooga Cupcake.  To.Die.For!  I had the double chocolate! FABULOUS! 
Lauren and I laughed that we have been through so much together.  We've been through some hard time during her childhood together, survived friendship at two different high schools, ex-boyfriends, and college.   The first fifteen years we were friends were huge and eventful, but nothing in comparison to the last seven.  In December 2003, we got engaged four days apart (she on Sunday, me on Thursday), and then we planned weddings together (I got married in January, she in December of the same year).  
The next five years proved even more up and down.  In February 2007, 14 months after her wedding, Eric was in critical condition after being hit by a drunk driver while on his motorcycle (even after I told her not to buy him one!).  I spent the four weeks he was in the hospital on our trauma service spending some nights with her and a lot of time translating what our surgeons were telling her.  She was such a rock and to this day I am beyond proud of her and the display of faith she had that week.  I will never forget how hopeful she was, even during times I wasn't sure Eric would make it (I never exactly told her how close he came several times until years later. Only her mother knew and she has thanked me for not telling her several times.)  I relied on her strength and faith during my darkest days of infertility when there were days I was afraid I might never have a baby.  She always promised me that one day we WOULD have a baby shower at her house!  It WOULD happen!  Here I am with Lauren and her mother (as if you couldn't tell!).

 We laughed Monday on her actual birthday that as huge and epic as the last decade was, we can't wait to see what excitement our 30s bring! I know that no matter what it is, we can face it together with lots of class, fun, and always a lot of wine! :-)

From Lauren's party, we went across the river to Michael's best friend's house where he was having a party for his birthday!  Michael and Chad have been best friends since they were 15 and 16 (he is a year younger than we are).  They have also been through a lot and have remained close friends for years.  Unfortunately, my camera was dead by then, but here is a pic of them from our wedding.  Yes, Chad caught the garter and no he was not the next to get married! :-)
I'm sure over the next few years Uncle Chad will teach Nicholas some very important life skills! :-)

Sunday we were lazy other than going for breakfast, picking up the baby from my parents house and then we went as a family to the riverfront.  We LOVE Coldstone Creamery so we decided to take a little trip downtown to get a couple waffle bowls of ice cream!  We sat on the pier and ate our ice cream while Nicholas snacked on some puffs.
 His new favorite things are being held upside down and spinning around in a circle really fast!  He laughs so hard!
 Sweet Boy!