Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Lately my work has been unbelievably busy.  Between the fact that the trauma service almost quadrupled it's normal load of patients with the tornado, taking calls and seeing patients with another surgeon along with my two to help out with a nurse vacancy, and one of my surgeons being out for his own surgery, I've been feeling a little swamped.  I ended up planning to take Friday off before any of that ever happened and I am so thankful that I did. I was able to take a day to just be a wife and mommy and it made a huge difference on my stress level.  I needed a day without patient phone calls, looking through charts, and running around like crazy.  Ha!  I cleaned the house and after I got finished I noticed Nicholas was very, very quiet.  I went in his room and found him cleaning out his dresser! Haha!

Friday night we went over to my parent's house for my Nana's 81st birthday party!  My friend Becky made a fabulous cake!  It was just as tasty as it was pretty!

I'm so sad that I didn't get any pictures of her with Nicholas.  It just wasn't a good night for him by the point we sat down to take pictures.  He was tired and over it!  Here is one of them on Mother's Day.

Saturday I needed to go get the paper goods for his party because Party City had it all on sale.  I'm in love with his decorations!  I have found so much inspiration on blogs and it has been fun to pick it all out and plan!  After that we went to Chick-Fil-A and my mom bought N his very first kids meal!  It was so cute! He LOVED it! (this kid inherited my love for food!)

Michael blew up his kiddie pool and got it ready for us while we were out and I decided to get in it with him when we got home.  He wasn't too sure for whatever reason.  He just stood there and held on to me the whole time.  We are slowly making some progress now.
He played so hard that he passed out in his swing!

Sunday we went to the community pool and Melissa went with us.  It was fun, but someone who will go unnamed decided to have a complete meltdown and needed a nap.  I went back home with Nicholas and just enjoyed myself in the kiddie pool!  I decided my favorite inventions were the kiddie pool, video monitor, and margaritas! Haha!  After he woke up we went back to the pool and stayed a couple of hours.  He had a fun day despite the nap and meltdown! 

 Nicholas decided he wanted to bring his car to the pool to cruise for hot babes!
Today we had planned on another fun pool day, but instead we ended up cleaning our patio furniture, playing in the water table, and just being lazy.  The incredible non-napping baby slept for almost four hours total today.  I think he needed some relaxing time as well! 

 Michael's dad did come bring us a refrigerator they had in storage that they were not using.  I'm excited to have another place to store all of my couponing bulk purchases!  Haha!  Tonight we had grilled hot dogs, corn on the grill, baked beans and I cut up a hot dog (very, very small since I know it is a choking risk) and served it to N with some lima beans and mixed fruit.  He loved it!  He is such a patriotic little man!  Haha!

I actually feel ready for another week for the first time in a long time.  A 4 day weekend is just what I needed!  It also feels good to know that the weekend is another day closer than usual!