Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy 10 Months Sweet Nicholas!

 Happy 10 Months to our sweet baby Nicholas!  You are truly the sweetest, most loving little boy I've ever been around.  You are still happy unless you is hungry or very tired.  Even when you is teething or sick you just go with the flow, isn't fussy, and stays extremely active!  You are keeping us VERY busy these days!  You go nonstop from 7am-7pm when you start to wind down for the night. 
 You have developed quite the vocabulary this month.  You now say "dog", "bye" (which was your first word), and "Mama".  You have also started signing "more", "eat", and "finished".  We love that you have learned sign language at school!  Here you are saying "bye bye" for the camera!
 You have developed quite the little (or maybe I should say BIG) personality in the past 10 months!  Sometimes I think you may have a future in the entertainment industry!  You LOVE people and you even love to meet new people.  You are very friendly.  You just flash your big smile and everyone around you laughs.  Your new thing is to wrinkle your nose and smile...
 You weight 20 pounds and 2 ounces and are 30 inches long!  You are a BIG boy!!!  You are in mostly 9 month, but a few 12 month clothes.  (I am so sad your first birthday is less than TWO months away! Boo! I want my baby back!)

You are eating a lot of table food (just nothing with dairy, soy, peanuts, or eggs).  Your favorite thing right now is to eat puffs.  You eat them a couple of times a day and do great with your hand to mouth coordination.  You are still eating a 8oz bottle when you first wake up (better have it ready!) jar of stage 2baby food in the morning at school, a 6oz bottle around 11 with another jar or two of food, a 8 oz bottle around 3-4pm and then two jars of food around 6pm!  You have a fabulous appetite and love to try new foods. You still only have the two lower teeth, but have two on the top and two more on the bottom just about to pop through!

You are pulling up on EVERYTHING and taking a step or two to get from the couch to the table, but haven't figured out you can do that all the time yet.  You also love to walk behind your lion (video on that coming soon!).  You are very active these days!  You give Mommy, Daddy, and Mrs. Carla a workout!

You are still anti-naps, but sleep like a perfect angel at night.  You sleep from 7:30ish to 7am!  Not sure why we even set an alarm around here! Haha!

For the first time your celebration was almost a week late.  Mommy honestly just didn't have the heart last week with all that was going on around us and our friend Becky, the cake lady, was without power.  I didn't think you would mind waiting a week.  :-)  This is what your 10 month cake looked like.  We weren't sure what to do since all we could think of was May flowers and that just didn't suit you!  Haha!
We love you more and more every day!  You are the most wonderful gift we've ever received and such a special little boy.  God has very big things for you and I cannot wait to see what He has planned for you.