Sunday, November 14, 2010

Impacting Lives

A few weeks ago, I asked you to please pray for a sweet, elderly couple that was in a car accident.  Mr. Millirons passed away on Wednesday and she passed away of Friday.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories that included this couple.  I stayed in their home preschool/daycare for four years as did many, many other children in the East Brainerd area.  I remember her as very strict and structured, but also very loving and provided an environment I always felt at home in.  Her attention to detail and structure is something that I carried with me that has helped me so much in my life.  I am forever grateful and thankful for the love, care, and education she gave me.  I am also very thankful to Mr. Millirons and their sons for allowing her to make such an impact on so many young lives.

I have thought about them a lot over the past month since their accident.  One memory I distinctively remember was the day she asked us to draw a picture to represent what we wanted to be when we grew up and I remember drawing a nurse.  She told me that she thought I would be a wonderful nurse, but yes, I was five and I'm sure she said the same thing to everyone that day! Ha!  I was so looking forward to her follow up in our office so that I could tell her that I remembered that and I had become a nurse! It is so strange to me to think that day I had no idea how our paths would cross again years later, that they would be cared for by my boss.  It made me so sad on Friday to think that she didn't get to come in to the office so that I could tell her that I remembered that.  I know it would have made her heart so very happy!  Many on FB have paid tribute to them and I saw this story on the local news channel where he worked.  I felt like I needed to share a memory I had as well.  I hope they realized what an impact they had on so many children and families.

Please continue to pray for their two sons and their families as they prepare for a life without such wonderful parents and grandparents.  I can only imagine what fabulous grandparents they were knowing how loving and caring they were to so many other children.  Also, please remember them next time you are driving and texting and let it remind you not to do so.  It is something I'm trying to avoid now.  It is amazing how something like this changes how you view something we are all guilty of.