Friday, November 12, 2010

Becoming A Big Boy

I have taken a few pictures this week and I have noticed a common theme in all of baby is becoming a big boy!  He is playing in two of his seats that he has been too small for and (even though I don't have a pic of it) he is starting to hold his bottle by himself for a few seconds at a time.  So hard to believe in six weeks he will be six months old!  It will be July 1 before I know it.  Oh the tears!
 I'm finally big enough to REALLY like my jumperoo!
 I've started grabbing onto blankets, burp cloths, clothes, hair, earrings, you name it, I grab it!
 I love my superseat!  Thanks Jenna and Brayden for the recommendation!

 Just a cute little face for you!  He is just too sweet for words!