Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deck The Halls...

...with pretty trees, baby bows, and Little People Nativities!  That is what you will find at our house!
Our tree at night.  I LOVE our tree this year.  I will show a better picture later, but here is a sneak peak.
 Our stockings.  Finally got to hang one for our sweet baby!  I love how cute his turned out and is the perfect combination of our stockings.
 Funny story time.  I had JUST bought a nativity that I LOVED two weeks before our fire, but as luck would have it, it was crushed by the ceiling falling in.  I have searched high and low ever since, but just can't find one I love as much.  I ran across this Little People's nativity a couple of weeks ago and until we no longer have small children, I think it will serve the purpose.  What do you think?  :-)
 Our dining room centerpiece and table set for Christmas
Nicholas' first tree!  I had this tree in my room last year without the green or baby's 1st Christmas ornaments, so I moved it to his room this year.  I thought the green ornaments and of course the bow from our door when he was born was the perfect addition for a baby tree!  :-)