Monday, October 18, 2010

Handsome Boy

It was a crazy day for me at work today, but apparently it was crazy for Nicholas too!  He was in bed, asleep by 6:30!  His teacher is on vacation this week for Fall break and he had a good day, but just didn't want to nap.  He ate his "dinner" bottle at 4:45 instead of when we got home (he usually eats around 5:45-6), got a bath, and was in bed before we normally even have a bath.  He was just not having any playtime tonight.  Poor baby!  He had a good day otherwise. I forgot to say that on Saturday he had his first outloud laugh.  It was hilarious!  Unfortunately, he seemed to have inherited my loud, obnoxious laugh!  Haha!  He  looked surprised when he did it and must have thought it was funny because he couldn't stop once he started.  It may not have helped that my mom and I were laughing even harder at him.  Hmmm, maybe he was just mocking me?!  Haha!  I made Michael get a picture of him before school this morning.  I thought his shirt was funny!
I also have a prayer request today.  When I was a little girl I stayed at an in home daycare with about 20 other kids in a lady's house.  She had two helpers and had converted her basement to a preschool/daycare.  I stayed there from the time I was four until I started school.  Even then I stayed there in the afternoon and summers until I was eight or nine.  Well, she and her husband were in a very bad accident last night and are in the ICU.  They are elderly and have a very long recovery ahead of them.  I know she would appreciate all of your prayers.