Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Weekend

I just realized that I am totally slacking on my blogging and mommy duties and only took ONE picture all weekend!  Don't worry, I plan to take a LOT this week since it is my last week off.

Nicholas stayed fever free all weekend and seems to be better from his virus last week.  Saturday I had the intention of going to BRU for a few things that Nicholas needed to start day care and to Dillards to get some new shoes and makeup for me to start back to work with.  Well, apparently Nicholas wasn't in the shopping mood.  He had a major meltdown in BRU and we ended up just going over to my parents and he spent some time watching football with his Grandpa.
Saturday night Michael and I had a date night and went out for sushi and Thai.  It was good to have an evening to actually be able to talk and not have to take care of the baby for a couple of hours.  When we got back to my parents house he was asleep in his crib and he didn't wake up as we moved him in and out of his car seat and into his crib at home!  He has now slept five nights in a row until 7-7:30!!!! 

Nicholas has also started enjoying his toys more this past week and I got this picture Sunday morning.  How cute is he?!!!!

We spent most of Sunday watching football and hanging out with Nicholas.  This is my last week on maternity leave and I want to spend as much of it with Nicholas as possible.  Part of me is ready to go back, but the other half is very sad.  I am just ready to go if I have to and start getting into a routine.  I think the fear of the unknown of how it is going to go is part of what makes me anxious and a little sad at this point.  I will say that the fact that he now sleeps through the night makes me a lot less anxious than I was a week ago.