Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy To See The Weekend!

What a crazy couple of days we have had!  First, the good things.  We have now had THREE nights of sleeping until close to 7am without a 5:00 feeding!!!!!  I actually had to wake him this morning so we could get ready for the day!  Ha!  Second, our GI dr, Dr. Devoid, wanted me to try to find Pregestimil on ebay or craigslist to save money.  Well, I found an ad on Tuesday night for 4 cans for $50 (it retails for $30/ 16 oz can!)!!!  It was from a girl that baby has to have the most broken down, $50/can, formula, so she needed to get rid of the remainder of the case she had bought of our formula.  I LOVE getting a good deal and getting a good deal on liquid gold was AWESOME!

And now for the bad.  Nicholas had his first trip to the sick waiting room at the pedi office yesterday. :-(  He had increasingly become fussy and sleeping more and more until when I got him up from his afternoon nap yesterday he seemed very warm.  He had a 101.3 fever and pulled at his ears while eating his bottle.  I was convinced he had an ear infection so I called his pedi and we got an appt for 3:45 at 2:45!  Let me just tell you that was the beginning of a fabulous experience (well, as good as it gets with a sick baby!).  I LOVE his pedi.  Even though she was not my first choice (due to insurance), I will never see anyone else (unless she is out of the office of course).  When she finally got to us around 5:15 she spent the next hour and fifteen minutes with us.  We were her last patient and she was very concerned because he was almost lethargic and didn't want to wake up.  After we got some labs on him he woke up, but still didn't want to eat so what did she do, fed him!  I was so impressed!  Then she even brought me a diet coke!  After all that we still don't know exactly what was wrong, but he perked up and was diagnosed with a viral infection affecting his throat and ears. :-(  By 9:00 his fever had broken and he was feeling better.  This morning he was back to his old self! Yay!  I am to continue to watch him over the weekend in case it happens again, go to the ER, but otherwise, should be better!

After a Dr appt for me this morning, Nicholas and I went to BiLo.  I found some pretty good deals!  My neighbor Andrea had a pretty big surgery on Tuesday, so  this afternoon Nicholas and I made lasagna for her family and for us.  I will be posting the recipe over on my recipe blog soon, so check it out.  It is VERY tasty!

What do you think of my new hair color?  I wanted something new for Fall.  It is my natural color with red highlights.  I love it!

Also, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my blog/twitter friend Jennifer, Josh, and of course Brody, on the birth of gorgeous Jillian!  Jillian was like Nicholas and just couldn't wait for her scheduled arrival and made a grand entrance a little early!