Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday Michael and I took Nicholas to see Dr. Devoid, he new GI specialist.  I had heard some mixed reviews about him, but we really like him.  He sat and talked with us for 30-45 minutes and after hearing everything from our trouble TTC to his problems breastfeeding (which apparently are related to his current problem!) and everything that has happened since he was 2 weeks (ER, trouble with breastmilk, 3 different formulas, etc), he decided Nicholas definitely has a severe milk protein intolerance (MPI).  I am so sad, but at the same time happy to have a diagnosis.  

With this diagnosis comes a whole new routine.  He wants him to eat 5 oz every 4 hours on a strict routine.  That has been TERRIBLY hard today.  First, he HATES his new formula, pregestimil.  Second, he has to drink the thick formula with 5 tsp of rice cereal through a newborn nipple.  He is NOT a fan!  The pregestimil is not good and smells terrible.  His dr warned us he might not like it, but after a bottle or two would eat it anyway.  Well, he isn't.  He has only had about 10 oz since this morning.  He has had a few wet diapers and one large stool, so I do not think he is dehydrated right NOW, but worried he will be soon.  I plan to call their office tomorrow until someone calls me back.  He cannot go another day on such a small amount of food!

Back to his diagnosis and plan.  He will continue this regement for another three weeks until we see him again.  During that time I will take a dirty diaper by once a week for a check for blood (he had quite a bit yesterday) and hope by then it is negative.  He will be on this formula until he turns one.  Some GIs will back down to alimentum or nutramagen by 9-10 months, but he doesn't do that, which is fine with me since the pregestimil is the best for MPI.  He will also be restricted to nothing with soy, dairy of any kind, peanut or peanut oil, or wheat.  It will be somewhat difficult when he starts eating, but of course we are still optimistic he will be in the 90% that out grow this by one.

Keep praying that he adjusts well and that he will be able to stay on this (even though it is mega-expensive and not available anywhere but one grocery store in Chattanooga!).