Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bargain Hunting Saturday

Today was the first day of the Sweet Weepeets consignment sale at the old Boater's World building in Chattanooga and I scored some awesome finds!  My mom and I had our mani/pedi appointment this morning so I couldn't be there when it first started, but Courtney and Jill were there early.  I had told Courtney if she found a Rainforest jumperoo to call me, well she did!  It is only missing one leaf and it is in pretty good shape!  I got it for $35, it retails on BRU's website for $129.99!!!!! (BTW, does anyone know if the seat comes off to be washed in the washing machine?)  EDIT: just bought the replacement piece on ebay for $8.00!!!!!

I was also hoping to find something cute from Kelly's Kids or similar for Christmas and she found the longall on the top right corner of this picture for me and held on to it until I got there.  I got 8 clothing items (one Petite Ami longall, three Gap outfits, one Ralph Lauren fleece sleeper, and the rest Carter's), the jumperoo, and two cans of alimentum (for $1 each, calculated it out and at BRU it would be over $2 each if you bought the case!) for $79!  Not bad for a day of shopping!

When I got home I had a pretty tired baby!  He slept most of the time we were out, but as soon as we got home he ate and crashed again in his bouncy.

Too cute!  All of my boys in one picture.

I realized I forgot to show you the ADORABLE bean bag chair I found at Target Wednesday night.  We only have a three bedroom house and can already tell we are going to be run out of our living room with toys, so we've decided to make our guest room a playroom this Fall after I go back to work.  I am going to leave the walls chocolate brown, but decorate it in red, green, and blue and race cars.  So, anyway, I found this and HAD TO HAVE IT!  Is it not the cutest bean bag you've ever seen?!

Mommy and Daddy are excited because tomorrow Mimi and Granddad (Michael's parents) are coming over to babysit for us to have a day to ourselves for a few hours.  Not sure what we will do, but it will be nice to have a few adult only hours together.  I love my baby more than anything in the entire world, but I also enjoy a couple hours away once a week (I've been with him 24/7 since last Sunday).