Friday, July 23, 2010

Three Weeks Old

Nicholas, you are THREE weeks old now!
You have DEFINITELY been a different baby this week! In some good ways and some bad ways. Bless your little heart, you apparently have a terrible reflux problem and have been very fussy. However, you have also been such a sweet cuddly, loving baby. You love to look around and be awake. You seem to be afraid you'll miss something if you go to sleep! Today Mommy noticed you like to watch your mobile in your crib while you are trying to take a nap. (you only nap in your crib right now)

Saturday you had your first ER visit. You had severe diarrhea and reflux, but no one is really sure what was going on with you. Mommy cut out diary, spicy, and garlicy foods from her diet. Seemed to at least help the gas and poop situation.
You are now using Dr. Brown's bottles to help with your reflux and Dr. Spraggins wants you to have 1/2 tsp of cereal for every ounce of milk you drink. You are doing great with that! You down those bottles super fast, but don't spit up!!! Mommy is happy! You also take 1/4 tsp of zantac twice a day. We are hoping that helps, soon!

When you went to the dr you weighed 9 pounds and 13 ounces!!!! I'm thinking you'll be at least 10 1/2 pounds at your one month visit! WOW! It still seems funny that after everyone kept asking if I was REALLY as pregnant as I was, you were such a big baby! You were just hiding in my ribs!

Mommy can't believe you will be ONE month old next Sunday. I am going to order your one month birthday cake tomorrow. :-)