Tuesday, June 29, 2010

38 Week Appointment and Still Here!

EDITED TO UDPATE: I am feeling much better this morning other than the fact that I have a knee and foot stuck in my right ribs and lung space. :-) I am a firm believer that the OB is correct and his is all the way from my lungs to down below! I think we are looking at a 21 incher at least!!!! I look funny because all 7 pounds of him is on the right side. If he is still that way tonight, I'll take a pic from the front too. Speaking of, I am thinking I may do a bare belly shot next Tuesday night along with my last weekly picture. We'll see if I'm that brave!

Thanks to everyone who has emailed to ask if I am still here, yes I am. :-) On Monday morning I had my 38 week appointment and much to my OB's surprise, I was at 2 cm dilated and almost completely effaced! Woohoo! We do not want Nicholas to come before Wednesday because if I go into labor it will complicate the delivery a little, but given some events over the last 24 hours (seriously TMI) I am thinking he may show up earlier rather than later!

Last night I spent the night almost in tears, and yes, I should have called my OB. I had timeable back pain that radiated to the front for about 6 hours. I finally got to sleep around midnight, only to be awake again around 2:00 for a few hours. This morning I felt nauseated and crampy and it was all I could do to make it to work (even though I did show up at 8:45, oops!). I started feeling better as the morning went on, but around lunch time I had the pain again along with just no appetite at all. If this continues into tomorrow I will call my OB. Otherwise, I will see him at the end of the week for a quick recheck before the holiday weekend.

I'll be back tomorrow with my 38 week picture. I cannot believe after all this time, Nicholas will be here in ONE week (or less!). I am working tomorrow and Thursday this week then a half day on Tuesday, then it's delivery day!!!!!