Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Room for Baby

After the two showers this weekend we have had to do some SERIOUS making room for little Nicholas. My mom and I spent about three or four hours yesterday going through his gifts, organizing, washing, and setting up his room. Here is the before and the after...
I am LOVING my bedding! It was so worth the wait! I also couldn't wait to get his cool mobile on his bed, so that is why it is on there already in the first picture.
On that same note, as you know, we sold our BMW to get a larger, more family friendly mommy mobile. Well, look what is in my driveway!
Saturday while I was at the first shower Michael sent me a text and the mommy mobile had arrived!!!! I am loving it, although I haven't really got to drive it much yet. It had to have a few very minor things done before he is ready to give it to me, so hopefully those will get finished tomorrow. It is so pretty and I cannot believe how much room I have now!!!