Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blessed By Family

Today was a wonderful day full of family and close family friends coming together to celebrate Nicholas! It was such a great shower and we are so blessed! We had close to thirty guests and Nicholas is close to being all set!

My mom and I
Three generations: my mom, Nana, and myself
The hostesses and I: my Aunt Kelly, cousin Koko, and cousin Lindsey
The drink table
The food table
I LOVED my cake! It was of course made by the Cake Boutique (which I LOVE)

That monogram just makes me happy!
Lindsey made this for us. There is so many awesome things inside of this cake!
Kelly painted these letters for his wall (trying to figure out exactly where I'll put them! Ha!)
We had both the baby food and the diaper game. They are so gross, but fun!
It was held at the clubhouse at the subdivision my Aunt Peggy lives in. Thank you so much, Peggy, for such a nice facility. It was PERFECT!
Nicholas is such a blessed little boy! This is the gift table right after we started opening gifts.
A view of my guests looking to see what cute stuff Nicholas got!
My Aunt Cathy handmade this and some other super cute things for us. I am so happy to have something handmade to pass down!
His coming home outfit from my Nana. It means so much to have something to keep forever from her. There was also a blanket included with his scripture on it, 1 Samuel 1:27.
My mom, Kelly, and Nana got our travel system for us! This thing has already logged a few miles on it just driving it around our house! I tried to get Spencer to take a little ride, but he wouldn't! Ha!
My cousin Katie and I (thanks for taking such good pics for me Katie!!!)
My BFF Lauren and I. So happy she was able to come. I know she is still tired from yesterday!
Michael came when we were almost finished opening gifts to help clean up and pack the car (which by the way, was the long awaited mommy mobile!!!! It arrived yesterday! More on that later).

My dad met us back at our house to pick up my mom (who rode with me) and to help unload. It was crazy how much stuff we have after two showers. I am overwhelmed at how loved our little boy is! He is such a lucky little boy! We still have one more shower with Michael's family next weekend, so I am taking tomorrow off for my 32 week appointment and for my mom and I to get his room somewhat organized (it is currently COVERED in bags and boxes!).

Thank you to Kelly, Koko, Peggy, and Lindsey for all the hard work and for providing such a wonderful place for the shower. I LOVED everything and had a great time!