Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Sunday

Every year for his birthday (or the Sunday closest to it) Michael wants to take a "birthday adventure". Meaning he wants to go somewhere we've never been and it usually involves being outdoors. Well this morning we got up and decided to drive about two and half hours to a Bavarian village in the blueridge mountains of Georgia. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive and I wish there had been places to pull over and take pictures, but there really wasn't. However, we did get some when we got there.
Michael took this one of me on the little bridge over the river.
Michael thought this little store was hilarious (he has a sick sense of humor) and just HAD to have his picture in front of it. It also gives you a good idea of how cute this town is.
We only stayed for about an hour then came home and played in the yard with Spencer for a few minutes. He LOVES to "play ball". In fact, if you are willing, he will play for hours and never take a rest. I thought this was a super cute picture of him. I love how his ears are floppy!
Michael took this one of us and I like it because it shows how sweet little Spencer is (although he needs a SERIOUS haircut, bless his heart!).Tonight we went to Big River (our favorite local restaurant) and ate on the patio. It has just been such a good day. So glad we are having some good, memorable days together before Nicholas gets here.


Courtney said...

What a fun day. That little village looks like a fun place to explore!

Anna said...

Helen is GREAT! We rented a cabin up there one year during Fall Break and it was also Oktoberfest. There's a FANTASTIC place to get grits and a cute little winery there too! Glad you had fun, and love love love the pics!!

Lauren said...

THE NUT COTTAGE!!! Bah-ha-ha!!!!

123 said...

That is adorable!! I am going to have to look this place up!! What is the name of the town?

Becky said...

We have Frankenmuth about 3 hours from us. Another neat Bavarian village. Bronner's, the world's largest Christmas store is there. No matter how many times I have gone, I walk in and my breath is taken away!

Happy Birthday!