Monday, April 12, 2010

Cake and Other Randomness

What happens when a pregnant girl has a cake essentially to herself...bad things, like eating all but two pieces by herself! I just can't help myself! Ha! I am planning to take it to work Wednesday if there is any left after Michael's actual birthday tomorrow.
Also, I had a few of you ask on twitter and here where we went yesterday. It is called Helen, GA. It is in NE GA and it is basically just about a mile of shops and restaurants that look like they belong in Germany. Pretty cute.

Well, today it happened, I finally caved and bought bigger bras and by bigger I mean BIGGER. I am amazed at the size I had to buy! Ha! I had been putting it off because I love my Victoria Secret ones so much, but I just went to Target and bought a couple cheapies to get me through. I know I'll need more again, so that is why I went cheap.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. I am working a half day to be able to take off for Michael's birthday (it is his scheduled day off). As soon as I get home we will be traveling about two hours to his dad's house to see them on his birthday.


Danielle Taylor said...

Yum! That cake looks so good! The town you went to the other day was so cute and quaint! Is that anywhere near Perry, GA? I have family there that we visit every year and would love to take a look around there if it is close.

Amanda said...

Happy late Birthday to you & Michael. I wish I was there & I would help you eat that cake...yummy...I am so hungry all the time. I totally feel you on the bras. I hated buying new ones but I finally had to break down. I told Matt just total that I feel so huge.