Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us Your Life, How We Met

It was a cowboy theme party, don't judge, please! :-)

On September 21, 2001, I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and we were having a ADPi date party. Obviously, you have to have a date for that one! One of my best friends insisted I take a friend of her's. It was only 10 days after 9/11 and as we watched the 9/11 telethon on tv, a super cute guy walked in and asked “which one of you is Amanda?” It was at that moment I met my best friend and man of my dreams! On Sept 21, 2001 we met at the apartment of my friend, Sarah. We were going to a cowboy cruise date party (no, we didn’t dress like this just for the heck of it!) and Michael was my blind date!!!! The picture above was our first picture together (sorry for the flash spot, I had to take a pic of a pic) (wow! Look at how skinny I was and how HUGE my hair was!)!!!! We hit it off that night, then went out the next night, and the rest is history! We got engaged two years later on December 18, 2003 and married on January 8, 2005.

And here we are now. Who are those people in the first picture???! Wow, we've changed a LOT! Ha!


Warf pary of 3 said...

I remember that night. I remember how excited you were about this new guy you just met and how much fun we all had at that date party. I cant believe its been almost 9 years since that date party. WOW!! Have we known each other that long as well? thats hard to believe to. Im trying to get a sitter for the weekend of your babyshower so jason and i can make a chattanooga weekend. hope to be able to make it.

Heather said...

What a great story, loved reading this! Y'all are so cute, love the pictures!

amanda said...

love the story!! isn't it crazy to see how much you change and don't even realize it!!

Katie said...

Amanda ~

So good to "meet" you! You look beautiful.

Colson's middle name is Allen. Is this a family name for you, too? Allen is my dad's name, but usually the spelling is different, so your "Allen" caught my eye. ; )

We are also due right around the same time. My due date is July 28th, but I will be having a C section around 37 or 38 weeks.

Congrats to you!

This Is Stupid said...

It was fun to meet you this weekend! Hope ya'll made it home ok!