Sunday, April 25, 2010

Party In The Overflow

Sorry if you've already read this post. It got completely deleted a few minutes ago, as in, cannot find it! I'm trying to install disqus and it doesn't seem to want to work. Any suggestions? Ugh! Oh well, here we go again!

As you all know, a lot of bloggers met yesterday in Atlanta to see Beth Moore in the overflow room. It was so much fun! Courtney and I had planned to stay overnight and spend more time with our friends, but due to my uncle's passing and Courtney's husband making plans for her birthday, it just didn't work out. The only real regret I have is that I didn't bring my new, good camera. I was just afraid it would be too much to carry around. Next time I'm bringing it no matter what!

We left my house around 6:45 and when we got to the church we couldn't believe the traffic! It was crazy!
Once we got off the shuttle that took us from the car to the chapel, we met up with Amy and Lianna. It was so good to finally meet them. Lianna and I have emailed a lot and we've been through a lot of hard times together.

It was so funny that on that same shuttle was a group of my friends from Ringgold! (Brittney, Amy, or Misty if anyone has that picture of all of us, please send it to me, I didn't get it on my camera).

Once we actually made it in to the chapel we saw our blog friends. It was amazing to meet these women that you feel like you already know, even though you've never met in person. We spent most of the day laughing and it was great to spend time with these ladies! Here I am with Kelly, an example of how much we all laughed! Kelly has been a good friend that got me through some really bad days through email or twitter. Thank you so much Kelly!
I also met Caroline, who is so sweet.

I am so thankful to have met Courtney. We clicked immediately and have become such good friends. I am currently trying to think of a way to keep her from moving to Dallas. :-(
Sweet Lauren Kelly saved us seats, so we got to meet and sit by her. It was great to finally meet her. She always leaves such sweet comments, it was great to finally meet.

At lunch we sat and ate with Jenna and Lianna. They are both very good blog friends and I am so happy to have finally met them. Jenna is so sweet and I am so thankful we finally got to meet. She has been so encouraging over the past two years and like Kelly, there were days I don't think I would have made it without her encouragement. Lianna and I have shared a lot of sad days together. We have wanted to meet for a long time because we seem to have a lot of the same interests. Next time though, we need to introduce the husbands! :-)
After lunch Beth came into the overflow room and it was awesome to see her in person. I so wished I could have got closer, but we couldn't. Now you know why I wished I had my other camera!
After lunch Courtney and I had to hurry home. I hope everyone had a great time, I know we did. Beth was amazing and she really does have a great way of speaking to everyone's heart. I am so happy we got to see her.

I met so many of you and I wish that I had pictures of you all. Thank you all for being good friends on blogger, twitter, and even IRL. So many of you have become "real friends" and I am very thankful for that! Hope you all make it home safely today!


Todd and Courtney said...

:) I look like I got hit by a truck. HA! I guess getting up at 5am will do that to ya :) I want to see you again soon. I can't wait for your shower!

Beth said...

I am so glad you got to go and meet some of the other bloggers! Looks like you all had a great time. And getting to see Beth Moore?! I just love her.

Fabiola said...

I've been reading your story for some time, but I've never commented before. You are so happy. And you are glowing with this pregnancy.

God bless you!!!


Sonya said...

I'm glad you all had a great time! I was thinking about all of you as I watched at a church near me!

Lauren said...

Loved the recap. Sooo glad I got to meet you!!!!! :)

Kelly’s Korner said...

I'm so sad I missed out on talking to you more. It was such a crazy day but it was SO nice to meet you in person!!!
And I can't WAIT to see that BABY!!!

123 said...

That picture with you and Jenna and Lianna is awesome!! I feel like I know the three of you so well because I've been following your blogs for so long! It's so great that you actually got to meet!!!

I hope you aren't too tired from the trip and that you held up ok during your uncle's service. I'm keeping you in my prayers!

Courtney said...

What a fun day. So sorry you couldn't have stayed longer.