Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New Love

EDIT: I had a couple of questions this morning. I am an Alpha Delta Pi. I was in the Beta Beta chapter at Univ of TN at Chattanooga. I have at least two or three boxes full of lions in my parent's attic. Those were just two large ones that never fit in a box. Ha!
Also, we know that we could just get an extra base for my mom's car, but I will not be able to leave his seat at day care and if she needs to pick him up, she will need one too. :-)
I got excited this morning too when I noticed that I have 99 followers reading my blog. Are there REALLY that many people that care what I am doing?! It makes me laugh, I think we are pretty boring. :-)

Today has been a very tiring day (but what Saturday isn't for me?!). Got up, met my mom for Starbuck's and a pedicure, then went to Sam's. That in itself made me tired! Luckily I was having a great day and felt well.

A few months ago when I first found out I was pregnant, Courtney told me I HAD to register for the first time mom's presale at Just Between Friends consignment sale that would be in March. A couple of weeks ago I registered for my mom and I to attend and now I.AM.IN.LOVE! I must go to every consignment sale I can find! I think it is going to be the best place ever to buy his day care/play clothes and toys. I did great and my mom did even better. Here is a picture of my laundry basket when I got home.
I got about 10 onesies, 8 pairs of pants (including one Ralph Lauren Polo overalls with tags on them!), a couple pants/onesie outfits, all for day care, and a nice smocked bubble suit for church. I got a black maternity dress for me for only $5! I now have a dress for each shower! I scored some seriously cute shoes too! Look at the stride Rite's that are new in the box for $6! I was so happy to find those!
My mom did great. The one thing she was looking for was an infant car seat that was new in the box or one that had very little use. She found one just like this one that looked perfect for $50! It is online for $99!!! She wanted something in case she needed to pick him up from day care or if she had him without me.
Nicholas is a very lucky little boy and his Mommy and Nonna (my mom is thinking that she wants to be Nonna) have a very serious shopping problem! Ha! This is a peak into his closet (minus the new things I got at the sale! Ha!). Remember I've been buying baby clothes for two years, but 90% has been bought in the six weeks since we heard he was a boy! (Most are larger sizes, don't worry, I know that I will get a lot of newborn and 3-6 month at my showers) Also, let me add that the stuffed lions are from my room in college, lions are my sorority mascot, hence the reason they are part of my giraffe theme.
We plan to finish the transition from home office to nursery tomorrow by patching nail holes from hanging pictures, touching up some paint, and moving the last few boxes into the attic. HOPEFULLY if the rain will cooperate and hold off a little while, we are going to pick up his dresser. It is at Walmart, so it can be picked up on Sunday!


Todd and Courtney said...

Yay! I got you hooked :) I CAN NOT believe the good deals you found. It's crazy! I LOVE it all. Jill couldn't believe it either. Awesome buys!

Nikki said...

Yes, I am hooked too. This year is my first time at the consignments. You can follow them on fb. Kendall's Kloset - in Ringgold and Kids Zone was at Gateway Mall, Jack and Jill (East Brainerd), Little Piggies - Signal Mountain, and of course JBF at Camp Jordan. Good Luck!

Christi said...

Awesome shopping! Are you a Phi Mu? The lion is Phi Mu's mascot so my first born (a boy found out at birth) had a nursery full of them as well.
Since we didn't know what we were having until he arrived I didn't have a closet full of boy clothes (just neutral) but after he arrived I hit a huge sale at the Children's place outlet by my house...and felt like I hit the lottery.
Anyhow, it sounds like you had a great day.

Your mom could have just had an extra base in her car and his car seat would have fit. I think it's so wonderful that she lives close and will be able to help in such ways. Nonna is going to spoil Nicholas and Nicholas will spoil Nonna.

The Kiep Kid's Mom said...

I knew there was a reason I followed your blog! :) I am a Pi girl too! I was at Zeta Iota at GC&SU. :) Good luck on your sugar test. Ask for it cold and you should be fine. Mine tasted like orange soda.
p.s. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Funnny how all these blogs get intertwined.