Sunday, February 14, 2010

Catch Up

I am pretty behind AGAIN. It has been a wild week. As you know my Grandmother died on Monday, so I was at my parent's house or just not at home quite a bit helping prepare for the funeral (selecting pictures, shopping for dressy maternity clothes, etc). I worked Monday, Tuesday, part of the day of Wednesday, then off Thursday and Friday. I had two cousins and one cousin in law spend the night at my house Thursday and then the funeral on Friday. Needless to say it was a CRAZY week. I also realized I forgot to put a picture of my grandmother and I on my post from Tuesday. This was at my wedding and I think it is the current picture I have at my house of us.
Wednesday of course was a busy day in itself around here. We had our BIG doctor appointment that morning, work in the afternoon, then out to eat to celebrate Baby Boy Ledford and my dad's 57th Birthday. We then went back to their house for Gigi's cupcakes. WOW! They sure do put A LOT of icing on there! I couldn't even eat all of mine.
My mom and I had planned to go to Atlanta (about 90 miles away) to shop at Gap maternity and Pottery Barn Kids, but it snowed AGAIN. I am seriously over this snow, but unfortunately we are supposed to have more tonight and through the day tomorrow. I like it a time or two a year, but I'm over it now. So, instead we went to BRU to start my registry! I went ahead and put most of the stuff I knew I wanted on there and plan to go back closer to my showers to add some clothes and a few other things. We had so much fun and Courtney joined us to share from a semi-new mom perspective what I need and really don't need. I am so grateful that she came, I really didn't know quantities or some small things that I needed. I LOVE the travel system/swing/and pack N play that I selected. They all match and they are boyish, but would work for a little sister in the future.
Last night we went to a Thai restaurant and Michael ordered some sushi so I asked if there was anything "pregnancy friendly" and there was! I was so excited, spicy Thai food and sushi! Happy Valentine's Day to me and Nicholas! Ha! Today we've been pretty lazy other than we ran out a couple hours ago for a cheeseburger and I had a few fried pickles with that too! We have vegetable soup in the crockpot and the Olympics will have figure skating on tonight, so I am looking forward to a nice, warm winter night inside cuddling with my puppy! Tomorrow starts another crazy work week. Dr. Smith is back in Haiti and will be there through next Saturday. He is with The Children's Nutrition Program of Haiti. For more info on the program read the end of this post. Please pray for them while they are there that they can be a lot of help and that they will have a safe trip.

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Todd and Courtney said...

I LOVED registering with you :) And thank you on the compliments for the haircut. I just liked yours :) You did such a great job registering and totally knew what to get. It's just a sign of how great of a mom you'll be!!! I'm checking out that camera too.....