Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being a Worrywort

I have ALWAYS had a problem with worrying and a phobia of meeting new people and tonight those seem to be working against me. First off, I don't know what is wrong other than maybe I've had too much caffeine today, maybe it is stress, maybe it is being worried over a friend or my upcoming US, but I am very moody and just have a feeling of impending doom. I just keep feeling like there is a cloud over me and I HATE it! I hate being such a worrywort. I want to be carefree and not so type A, but I guess this worried, OCD personality God gave me is just part of His plan. I'm still waiting on my quad screen results and that is starting to freak me out a little.

However, I must say that I am starting to feel Baby quite a bit and that gives me some ease. I'm just so ready to have the results and the US behind us. I could care less if it is a boy or a girl, just please Lord, let he or she be healthy!

Next, I am starting to talk myself out of going to prenatal yoga tomorrow night (which I am considering because I am tired of the hip/back pain and my OB recommended it). I've never done yoga before and I'm nervous about that and the fact I won't know anyone. I have a huge fear of going to new places and meeting new people. I do fine once I start talking to someone and get comfortable with my surroundings, but first, I get extremely nervous. If anyone has done prenatal yoga, please tell me about it. The other thing is the next two Wednesdays I won't be able to go, so I hate to go then just disappear for two weeks. Maybe I should wait until I can go every week???


Anna said...

Don't stress! (I know, easier said than done, coming from a fellow Type-A) I, for one, am totally STOKED about your ultrasound because I cannot wait to find out what you're having! Then I can make you a blessing ring and get my mom started on a special gift!!

I don't know about the yoga thing. I'm like you- I get really nervous around new people. I dunno...

Todd and Courtney said...

Oh do the yoga! I would go with you in a heart beat if Todd was home. He comes home at 6pm but only to leave again Thursday, yuck! I think it would be fun going and meeting other pregnant folks. I get nervous too in front of new people but it's refreshing doing something new. If you go, let me know how it is.

I can't wait until the gender party. Praying for you every.single.day :)

Mama J said...

amanda, i think you should give the yoga a try. I took prenatal yoga classes in my first pregnancy. while i can't say it worked any miracles and i don't think it made a difference in my labor, it was very relaxing and a nice way to meet other girls. There are different types of yoga, but the type i did was not physically strenuous in any way! It was more about breathing and relaxing your body.

I would advise you to go. Remember that you don't have to do ANYTHING you don't want to do while you're there. And you can always just get up and leave! Maybe you can get there and talk to the instructor beforehand to ease your anxiety.

Anonymous said...

I'm so type-A, too! Can't wait to find out what you're having & that he/she is HEALTHY! I also hate meeting new people (I can be shy), but at least you'll all have something in common (baby on the way). I bet it'd help the pain you've been having.

Lauren said...

Girl, got has not given you a spirit of fear and worry but of peace and of a sound mind. Just remember that :)

Anonymous said...


Hang in there! YOu are doing wonderful=) I can't wait to hear what you are having. I am due anytime now efaced 90% dialted to 1 now for 2 weeks.
Take care,

Amy Mashburn

Anonymous said...

Take this from a fellow worrier... worry is just a waste of time. (especially when you know Jesus) take and enjoy everyday of being pregnant!! :)
Best wishes.
Alvena Collins

Amanda said...

I totally understand...I am totally that type A worrier. I'll be thinking about you. It's almost time to find out what kind of sweet baby Jesus is giving you. I can't wait to find out.

Lauren said...

I ordered a prenatal yoga DVD and did it at home since I didn't want my huge butt in people's faces when I was doing downward-facing dog. It really helps, especially with the sciatic nerve and everything else.

I hope you feel better. YOU ARE DOING GREAT.