Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another lazy day

We had another lazy day. We didn't have much else to do. Church was cancelled due to icy roads, we didn't really want to go anywhere, and Michael NEVER has two days off in a row. So what did we do? We spent 10 hours watching season one of Hell's Kitchen on Fox Reality. Yeah, exciting, I know. That is Michael's favorite reality show and we missed that season, so he got caught up today. Although we got bored of it just in time for the finale, so we are recording that now to watch tomorrow. I spent some of the day internet window shopping for baby and thinking about our registries (I'm leaning towards BRU and Target, should I do one at WM too?). Which leads me to the next piece of news for all you pregnant girls out there...
This dresser (and the other colors available) is being discontinued and is on MAJOR clearance at WM! It is currently $50 off and I'm thinking I'm going to get it within the next couple of days. Just trying to decide if I want to take the chance that it will still be there on February 10 after our big US. I swore that I wouldn't order anything until then, but this may be too good to pass up.

Well, another crazy week at work for me. Headed into week two of four CRAZY weeks while Dr. Smith is in and out of Haiti. I am convinced that patients innately know when their surgeon leaves town and immediately has problems. I've been doing this job for four and a half years and let me tell you, I prove that theory every time! Ha!


Todd and Courtney said...

I love that dresser. I'm told you told me it's on sale. We've been looking for a white one for Lauren's big girl room. It's currently the guest room but will eventually be her room and we don't have a dresser for in there. I only registered at Babies R Us. Everything could be bought there and I hate Target's return policy. I never thought of Wal Mart but you have to ask for gift receipts there so I figure most people won't remember :) Can't wait to see a new picture update!

Anonymous said...

I ended up on your blog from Kelly's Korner... congrats on the baby!!!

We bought that dresser for my daughter Olivia who was born last May! I can say that I am impressed with the quality of it. (since it was from Wal-Mart I was a bit worried!) The only issue that I have with it is the drawers. They have a VERY thin piece of white wood composite type for the bottom, and the drawer sides aren't as tall as the drawer fronts. (I hope that made sense!)

If you would like a pic or two of the actual meat and bones of the dresser, I will give you my email addy for you to contact me if you wish to see more. (

Will be checking back on you to see the results of your BIG u/s!!! I am voting BOY! Your pregnancy seems very similar to when I was pregnant with my son!