Monday, January 11, 2010

This and That

Today was back to the same old, five day routine. We haven't had a full five day workweek in four weeks! I'm so glad they gave us the snow day last week so we could ease back in to the routine! Ha! This week should be pretty busy at work, today was crazy and tomorrow I have a full office of patients.

Is anyone else super excited about TV this week? Tonight is The Bachelor (woohoo!), tomorrow is the season premiere of American Idol (which I love, because Michael will watch it with me!), and Thursday, Grey's Anatomy comes back!!!! If anyone wants to have a Twitter "viewing party" I'll be on during The Bachelor tonight! It was a lot of fun talking with you last week! My screenname, because I have very little creativity, is AJLedford.

My cold is gone! Yay! However, I am suffering from a nasty case of Olive Garden cravings! I HAD to HAVE a salad from there this morning, but of course can't leave work,
so I did the next best thing...I made a HUGE salad at the Erlanger salad bar. Ok, not quite the same thing, but it was SO GOOD (at least to me! Ha!).
We are on our way out the door now for 50 cent tacos at a restaurant down the street. That has been my standard craving until this week, Mexican. Maybe Baby loves Mexican like his/her daddy and Italian like his/her mommy! Oh, and who is proud? I've actually done a pretty good job keeping my blog updated since January 1st! I'm trying to get in a routine so I'll do better once Baby comes. There are a lot of out of town friends and family that will want frequent pictures!


Love with a Latte said...

You better believe I want pictures!!! Can't wait till the big US!!! Watching the bachelor tonight too. Check my blog tomorrow for my review and my pictures!!!

Sarah said...

I am totally feeling the Olive Garden craving! A friend and I are going there on Thursday for lunch, and I absolutely cannot wait. AS for the Bachelor, my eyes will be glued to the tv! I know sometimes it seems like a trainwreck waitng to happen, but it's entertaining tv for sure!!

Todd and Courtney said...

ummm can I have an Olive Garden date?? Not even kidding. I LOVE that place! Todd is off Sunday, Monday, Tuesday this month. Let's go and let him keep Lauren. I'd love to chat minus a 14 month old :)

Jaimie said...

Just ran across your blog from Kelly's Korner...Surely you're talking about Amigo's!!! Those are the best 50 cent tacos ever! lol