Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

I did a recap of the year last year and I wanted to do that again because so much has changed for us in the past year and I wanted to record it.

Last year when I made my NY post, I just THOUGHT I was glad to see 2008 leave, I was wrong, the first half of 2009 was just as bad as 2008. We came a long way in 2009 from where we started and here is a recap of the year.

January - we started the year negotiating with the insurance company on our repairs from our fire and FINALLY started demolition around the end of the month. We also found out the first week of the year that we were in the middle of yet another miscarriage. That was so hard to deal with on top of our fire and living with my parents.

February - Very busy! We spent the month selecting everything for our house and supervising the rebuild. It was fun, but stressful and I could NOT wait to get back in my house. We also started repeated loss testing to try to find the cause of our recurrent miscarriages.

March - Had a HSG and found out that I did not have any anatomical abnormalities to cause a miscarriage, but that lead to a load of bloodwork. The bloodwork did show Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder that is very dangerous to me if left untreated. THANK GOD for my new dr. WE LOVE HIM!
We moved back into our house on March 13. I had a lot of mixed emotions when it came time to move back in. I was happy, scared (of another lightning strike), and beyond grateful.

April - we both turned 28 and was given the go ahead to TTC again. Here we go again!

May - Kicked off a fun summer at the lake by moving our boat to the marina and enjoying Memorial Day weekend with family.

June - Michael started a new job and things started to take a turn for the better for us in many ways. We are sooooooo thankful for all the blessings God was begining to give us.

July - Met with OB at the end of the month to create a plan. We decided to try with medication and follicle studies until the two year mark of TTC in November. At that time, if no pregnancy, we would move onto IUI.

August - unsuccessful clomid attempt. Found out I am not responding to clomid at all and probably have an ovulatory disorder. Will try again in September with femara and a follicle study. We were excited to try something new again.

September - attempted femara, seemed to work well, but I ended up spending my fertile time in the hospital with dehydration, weight loss, and a severe kidney infection. Figures!

October - Michael got a promotion!!! Yay for even more blessings! Michael told me that day that he just KNEW things were going to start looking up for us, I hoped he was right. Had a follicle study on the femara and had a HUGE follicle. Got our BFP on Halloween morning! It actually happened!

November - God gave us a wonderful early Christmas present on November 20 when we saw our baby for the first time with a healthy heartbeat!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!

December - We took time to thank God for all the many blessings he has given us this year and for providing for us when things were not looking so good (in many ways). I spent a lot of time on Christmas Eve actually just sitting alone and crying I was so happy and thankful for how far we had come in the past year. God has given us so much and when I think back to how low we were at the beginning of the year and where we are now, I just get so overwhelmed.

So, here is to 2010! It promises to be the year that makes the past two so worth it and I won't forget anytime soon the pain and heartache that brought us to that point. I cannot wait to spend the next year with my bloggy friends! I could not have made it through all of the events of the past year without you!!!!



MomMom said...

So happy for the way God has blessed you this year. I look forward to following your pregnancy through your blog and then seeing pictures of your precious little one when he/she is born. Have a blessed new year.

Lauren said...

Happy New Year!!!!

This year is going to be your year with a baby in hand, YAY!!!!! :)

Andrea said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I found out about 6 months ago that I have Factor V also. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby. May you have a blessed 2010.

lindsey said...

i know we dont talk that much but i want you to know how much i love you and how happy i am for you and michael.