Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12 Week Appointment!!!!

Update on the leg/hip pain. Yesterday morning it was almost unbearable, so I went to the Dr this morning for my 12 week appointment a few days early (which he was actually glad we did, since this gets me on track for the actual day I turn 12 wks, 16 wks, 20 wks, etc). Everything looked and sounded PERFECT. Baby Ledford's heartbeat was 158 and he/she was moving all around AGAIN. I didn't get an ultrasound this time since I had one last week, which made me so sad because Michael came excited to see Baby, but he swears he was just as happy hearing a perfect heartbeat. Just knowing us, I was probably more sad for him than he was. :-) Dr. Smith thinks that my pain is a compression on my ilioinguinal nerve (which is funny to me because it is the nerve that my hernia patients will occasionally complain about!) on my right side. He said this is not unusual and very common complaint in women with spina bifida.

On the spina bifida note, I was even more bummed when he told me he wanted me to see one of the high risk doctors and instead of scheduling my big ultrasound today, I have to wait until I come back in 4 weeks and then we are going to have it done at the high risk doctor too. I was sad about it until I found out that 1. it will only be about a week or two longer than if I had the US at my 16 wk appt (which he said is too early for him to do it anyway) and 2. it will be in 4-D!!!! He also said he really, really doesn't expect for there to be a problem, but he just wants to be extra cautious. Fine with me considering if they suspected a problem in his office it would just be another couple of weeks to wait to get an appointment and US scheduled down the street. So, we are basically just bypassing a step. Although I have to admit, I am slightly disappointed because it isn't how I envisioned finding out the sex of my baby. I really wanted to do it at my dr's office, with his staff that I've gotten to know so well, and with my family. I'm not going to parade my parents and Michael to the new dr office, so I guess it will just be Michael and then we can surprise our parents later. Just yet again, another change from my plans to God's plans.
(Oh, and I almost forgot, my newest fear is that my baby has a defect of some sort and this DID NOT help. I will be having a quad screen, blood work, in about 2 weeks so I guess I'll be completely FREAKED out until the US if something shows up there!)

I'll be back tomorrow with a Week 12 picture. I am tired and need to get off my nerve and rest.


Anna said...

Oh I didn't know you were having a 4D!!! That's going to be SO AWESOME!!!! :) You MUST show me (and the blogworld, of course) pics from that. MUST. MUST!!!

Jenna said...

TOLD you everything was ok!!! But I totally understand your worry. =) Can't wait for pics!

Todd and Courtney said...

oh 4D ultrasounds are the best!!! See you tomorrow!

A. Collins said...

Good morning Amanda.
I have been reading your blog for a short time, but now I am a regular! :) I just wanted to reassure you in the fact that you should have no fear regarding your baby. Your baby is a gift from God and He has everything under control. Peace be with you and your family.

Angela said...

If the high-risk doctor is the ROC on McCallie, then I would say bring whomever you want! I have seen lots of groups there. The waiting room is large, as are the exam rooms. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. :)

Just be aware that the very first time they call you back, go by yourself b/c all they do is a urine sample, and weight/blood pressure check. Then they send you back to the waiting room.