Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Decorations

This week on Show Us Your Life, Kelly is asking us to show our Fall decorations. I LOVE fall and I love decorating for Fall...although not as much as Christmas!

My mums have bloomed since this picture was taken, but this is our outside decorations

I LOVE my rug I found at Kirkland's this year

I love the garland on the mantle. One of my favorite decorations.

The dining room table

It's not Fall without some UT decorations!

This platter sits on my island. He is too cute!

I had a hard time deciding what to do with some extra glitter pumpkins I had left over, so I put them in a bowl on the coffee table.

This concludes our Fall Decoration tour. Come back in about six weeks for the Christmas Tour!!!!


Regan said...

I love your fall decorations!! I have just started collecting this year, and hope to have a pretty decent display this time next year. We are still trying to locate our decorations in the moving boxes, haha.

Brittney said...

Ok....I think you forgot something :) I was going down the street the other day and I'm pretty sure I saw a Fall wreath on your back door! I was amazed! haha

Christy Duncan said...

Love the decorations. Especially the UT ones. What is 'Show Us Your Life'?