Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloodwork and Starbuck's

Today is cycle day 21 which means a day 21 progesterone draw to see if I actually ovulated or not. My OB office is across the street from the hospital that my office is in, so it is just about a five minute walk. So far it has been either too cold, too hot, or rainy every single time I've run over for labs or an ultrasound, but today was perfect! It was 60 degrees, sunny, and they even got my vein on the first attempt! PERFECTION! Now, lets just hope that P4 comes back as good as the visit did!

That walk did me a lot of good. I needed to get out of the office for a few minutes and after the sad night I had last night, I felt MUCH better to get some sunshine and fresh air. I may have to make that a daily thing!

Right after I got back my good friend Dana decided to inform Dr. Smith (the boss, not the OB) that it was "buy your RN and MA a Starbuck's day!". He bought into it and we celebrated our new favorite holiday! On his way out the door I told him that I am pretty sure it is a quarterly or monthly holiday, I'd check and let him know. Ha! Anyway, thanks so much for the pumpkin spice P.S.!!!

I wanted to show you a picture of my SUPER cute mug I got yesterday at the market. It is soooooooo me! I love polka dots, pink, brown, and monogrammed!
I have another full day tomorrow and I have a rep dinner tomorrow night at a yummy seafood restaurant downtown, so I doubt you'll hear from me tomorrow. Have a great week and I'll twitter or facebook my lab results tomorrow if I don't get them on here.


Jenna said...

Yay for the new holiday, fast appt and supercute mug!

Jenn said...

What a great holiday! Also, please facebook your results. I dont twitter- just dont understand it? I get so confused, haha. Anyway, fingers are triple crossed for you this cycle!!!!

Unknown said...

That's my kind of holiday! I wish we could have Principal buys you a Latte Day. Can't wait to hear about your results, good luck!

Lauren said...

Praying and believing for good news!!!

What a CUTE mug!!!! :)

Becky said...

You are on my mind Amanda. It was 4 years ago when my daughter called me and said, 'Mom, there were NOT two heartbeats. There were three!' Miracles do happen.