Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life...Wedding Party

This week on Show Us Your Life, we are doing a wedding party carnival. We got married on January 8 2005, which was to avoid the Christmas rush, but still have a winter wedding. I love winter and always wanted a 6:00 wedding in the winter with dark colors and lots of white and silver. It was so pretty! (if I do say so myself! Ha!) I had a ton of proofs, but they were almost all film and not digital, so I'll share the few I have saved on our external hard drive (which PTL survived the fire!!!!) so please excuse that some are a little crooked from scanning!

We were married at Patten Chapel at University of TN at Chattanooga where I went to school and where we met. My cousins also got married there in Dec. 1989, so it was fun to get married the same place they did! It was a beautiful day to be January. It was sunny and 64 degrees! It did get a little chilly that evening when the sun went down, but overall, I couldn't have asked for a better day!!!!

This was when we first saw each other. My favorite memory of the day! I was so happy I was hysterically crying!!!! It still made me cry last week when I watched our DVD for the first time in about four years. We gave each other our gifts then had about 200 pictures taken.

Michael wore a platinum vest and tie and I still love his boutonniere. It was a white rose with a stephanotis with a rhinestone center to match my bouquet.

My parents and I. Our moms and grandmothers all carried small bouquets of white roses. My mom's dress was a blue/green color that took different colors depending on the light. Very pretty! She bought it on clearance off the rack at the bridal store where all of the other dresses came from the spring before when we went to try my dress on for my Nana.

This is Michael's family. These pictures are very important to us because his mother passed away the following June from breast cancer. This was one of the last pictures I have of the four of them.

I had a lot of friends and family I wanted to include, so we had a HUGE wedding party. Each girl is very special to me and I couldn't get married without each and every one of them there. The bridesmaids (yes, there were 9, you aren't seeing things) wore Mori Lee #511 in grape. I know for a fact (I've seen pictures!) that several of them wore the tops with casual skirts or jeans or khakis later! It actually made a cute clubbing outfit! Ha!

All of my bridesmaids and the 3 jr bridesmaids and flower girl

This is Brooke and Lauren. Brooke and I met the first night of rush my freshman year of college and clicked immediately! We've been friends ever since, even though we were in 2 different sororities! Lauren is my BFF and we've been friends since 2nd grade, circa 1989!

Sarah and I were ADPi together, in the same pledge class. She is the one that introduced Michael and I on our blind date! So, obviously if it weren't for Sarah, we wouldn't be together! Blind dates your friends!

I believe weddings are much more fun with children involve. I had a unique situation in which I had a Jr. Maid of Honor, Aliza (the girl at the top). I was Aliza's nanny for 3 years during college and we had a very special bond and I had to create something special for her. So, we made up her very own unique title and she walked down the aisle with Lauren, the Maid of honor. The other two Jr Bridesmaids were my cousins, Ashley and Jordan and the flower girl is Ashley's little sister, Madison. Ashley's mom was my mom's junior bridesmaid, I was hers, and Ashley was mine! I need to hurry up and have a little girl fast!!!!!

The entire wedding party.

I wanted to include some ceremony pics as well. We had a lot of white roses with silver accents everywhere and lots and lots of candles. The only thing I told my florist was I wanted white flowers at the church with lots of candlelight for the entire event.

This is one of my favorite ceremony pics that I have on the computer.

We're off to the reception at the Sheraton Read House! See you there next Friday!


SarahMerritt said...

So pretty!

I love Winter too... though I was sad there was no snow in your pictures! The blue the ladies wore was so pretty!


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Angela said...

Beautiful pics!!! I also got married in Patton Chapel at UTC (where Matthew and I went to school and met), and I also had purple bridesmaid dresses!! (Our reception was at the UTC Faculty Club...the building on the corner of Oak and Palmetto with the cannons out front.)

Aishlea said...

How pretty! I love Patten Chapel! It makes for pretty ceremonies and pics. 2 of my really good friends were married there. I can't wait to see your pics of your reception.

Molly said...

Stunning! And congrats to you for being able to wrangle such a large wedding party.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

pretty wedding!

Todd and Courtney said...

beautiful pictures. My husband is a pilot for American Eagle and they all over night at the Sheraton Reed House. He of course comes home, since we live in Chatt, but I do love staying downtown there. Gorgeous pics. Praying for you & your future baby :)

Claire said...

How beautiful!