Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where I Live...Living Room, Better Late Than Never!

To continue on with my catch up game...the better late than never, living room!  When we were doing our renovation, this was Michael's baby.  He knew EXACTLY what color, theme, hardwood, EVERYTHING, that he wanted.  I pretty much let him have it.  It is the room we spend 90% of our time in.  As you will see it is almost one large room with the foyer and kitchen, so it is very open (which is what sold the house for us).  

As with every room, here is a before and day the fire pic...

December 10, 2008

After everything was moved out, but not yet torn out

And the AFTER...

Welcome to our home!  This is the view from the foyer

The view of the living room from the kitchen

Living Room from the garage entrance to the house

Our favorite feature of the house, the open floorplan.  Here you can see how the living room, foyer, kitchen, and dining room all flow in one room.  We LOVE it!

This is our rug that I found at Lowe's right after we moved in...the first time.  It made had a lot of smoke and water damage, but the insurance people got it clean and it looks great in the green room with the dark hardwoods.  I LOVE how it brought the colors together!

This is our new ceiling fan.  I just wanted to show it because it is a little different.

The centerpiece to our living room is definitely the corner fireplace.

The foyer

This is my curio cabinet FULL of Precious Moments.  The cabinet was my high school graduation gift from my parents.

I have our wedding invitation and our favorite portrait framed in the foyer.  This is the same picture I am having remade into a 16x20!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our living room!  Please come back soon and spend a night in the guest room!  I am hoping to have it posted later today!


Kendra said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE The colors!! That rug and that fan are just about the coolest rug and fan I have ever seen, seriously!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the green walls!!! That fan is pretty cool, too. Thanks for showing us your beautiful l iving room!

Sonya said...

I love your living room! The green is just perfect and looks so inviting! I like your new haircut too! Very cute!

Justin and Jessica said...

You have such a beautiful house!

Love your haircut! :)

Jennifer said...

The green looks soooo good! I'm glad something good came out of the rebuild and you were able to get some GREAT paint colors!!:)

Beth said...

Just wanted to let you know that I also have a Precious Moments collection (not as many as you though) and my favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 :)