Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quiz Time! Being A Nurse

I did this quiz on Facebook awhile back, but someone tagged me to do it again, so I thought I would do it on here this time.

1) Ever ran a code? 
sadly, I had to run a few when I worked in the hospital. Although, I have to say, quite a few of those turned out ok! :-)

2) Where did you go to nursing school?
UT- Chattanooga

3) Fight with a doctor? Over what? 
I work for two trauma surgeons, what do you think? :-)

4) Fight with a patient? Over what? 
it usually involves a patient wanting pain meds even though they 1. don't have a problem that requires main meds at that point, or 2. they are getting them for more than one source and we've found out about it.

5) Ever get attached to a patient? 
not to the point that I became friends or it was more than a professional relationship, but I have a patient right now that I have seen for almost 3 years that both myself and the dr are attached to.

6) What does code brown mean to you? 
poop! and lots of it!

7) Most memorable moment with a patient was when...
I've had a lot over the last 6 years

8) Favorite doctor?
the two I work for now, Dr. Barker and Dr. Smith. I love them both! They are great to work with and take good care of me, what more could I ask for?

9) Least favorite doctor? 
a cardiologist I used to work with in the unit.

10) How many places have you worked as a nurse? 
2 as a nurse and 1 place as a tech

11) Preferred area? L&D, Postpartum, Med Surg., Private practice..WHY? 
Where I am now. I LOVE my job! Really, I couldn't work for a better place!

12) You ideal job would be...
work at my job now just 2-3 days a week

13) Least favorite procedure to perform? 
incision and drainage of a nasty abscess, yes, it can be as disgusting as it sounds!

14) Anything turn your stomach? 
see #13, although there has only been one that did that and it bothered the surgeon too (that NEVER happens, so it was pretty funny)! :-)

15) Discuss nasty stuff at the table when eating? 
of course, I am a nurse, remember!

16) Ever gross out your friends, family or significant other with stories from work? 
yeah, same as #15

17) Should nurses be paid more? 

18) Funniest moment as a nurse? 
too many to remember 

19) Have you ever had a crush on a doctor? 

20) If you knew all of this before you became a nurse would you have still went to nursing school? 
Yes, i love being a nurse

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